Our Story

Our story began with a person working in the financial sector, who loved his job and spent loads of office hours at the expense of his family presence.
Believing that family comes FIRST, he decided to start his own business where he could not only sit longer with his children but also benefit the people and the community.
Using his experience in the economic field, M. Khattab – K-NOY Founder, found that the textiles sector has lots of market potentials.
“That's why I got the idea of K-NOY, where I took the initials of my family names, my true inspiration towards a product as remarkable as they are “. M. Khattab, K-NOY Founder.
K-NOY is specialized in casual wear and depends on the highest materials made in Egypt with professional Egyptian labor team.
At K-NOY we have adopted the idea of “NO compromises”, the customer confusion about the comfort or elegance, quality or cost had to be put to an end. With K-NOY we have simply chosen the best for our customers. Since men won our first production line for casual wear, and through an immense study for their physical, occupational and climate needs, we contracted for the finest fabrics, we experimented them at different work environments, and tested the materials used to suit all skin types including the sensitive one, in addition to comfort and ease of movement while maintaining the desired elegance.
Because we care, K-NOY offers an affordable product easy to iron, easy to wash with long lasting colors that is highly finished with a touch of manhood and style. we also promise an eternal quality that targets the International markets within the next three years.
“K-NOY casual wear, when you wear with confidence a product with a family touch” M. Khattab.